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COVID-19: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for travellers to & from Ghana

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Accra, 15th July 2021

COVID-19: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for travellers to & from Ghana

Ghana’s Accra Kotoka International Airport is open for international passengers. Land and sea borders will remain closed until further notice. Government of Ghana issued following SOPs for all international passengers traveling to and from Ghana:

Travellers Exiting Ghana:

All international departing passengers will be required to meet the following guidelines prior to departure:

COVID -19 Test (prior to departure)

  • Create an account on AU-endorsed site: trustedtravel.panabios.org

  • Check for accredited laboratories by entering Ghana as the country of origin

  • Only visit laboratories that have Trusted Travel (TT) logo next to their name on the platform.

  • Give the same email address and mobile number entered when creating PanaBIOS account

  • Result will automatically appear in the account with the TT number which can be verified. An email will be received from admin@panabios.org

At the time of departure

  • Passengers will be required to adhere to COVID testing requirements for destination countries;

  • Departing passengers will undergo temperature screening at the entrance of Terminal 3 departures;

  • Only passengers and persons with business in the terminal will be allowed entry;

  • Online check-in or the use of self-service kiosks is strongly encouraged to reduce physical contact at the airport;

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least four (4) hours before the scheduled departure time.

Travellers Entering Ghana:

All international departing passengers will be required to meet the following guidelines prior and after their arrival at Kotak International Airport, Accra:

COVID -19 Test (prior to departure)

  • Enter origin country and set the destination to Ghana on trustedtravel.panabios.org or on the UNDP-endorsed Global Haven site: www.globalhaven.org

  • As much as possible, try to visit a TT laboratory. If there are none, take test at another accredited lab on the PanaBios or Global Haven labs registry.

  • If test is taken at a TT lab, the result will be automatically delivered to email address. Ensure that test was conducted within 72 hours of expected arrival time in Ghana

  • In case a TT lab is not visited, test result or certificate must be uploaded by choosing the ’test taken at a non-TT lab” option. The result/certificate will be immediately analysed for authenticity by an algorithm and the result displayed. If accepted, TC code in the form of both a QR Code and alphanumeric number will be issued.

On Arrival

Upon arrival, each traveler age five years and above must undergo a temperature screening and COVID-19 test conducted at the airport.

  • The test carries a US $150 fee per person. Travelers MUST pay the fee online before departure at https://myfrontierhealthcare.com/Home/Ghana and present proof of payment to the airline prior to boarding.

  • Test results will usually be available within 30 minutes. Travelers who test negative for COVID-19 will be allowed to enter Ghana with no quarantine requirement, but are advised to continue to observe COVID protocols following arrival in Ghana. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Ghana will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine and treatment at a designated health facility or isolation center, for seven (7) days at their own expense. Final discharge of cases will be based on existing Ghana Government case management COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

  • Individuals who depart Ghana and return within one week will not need to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test. However, they will still be subject to testing on arrival at the airport.

Transiting / Transferring Passengers

  • Passengers transiting and transferring through Accra will not be required to take the test in Accra. Transit passengers will still be required to adhere to COVID-19 testing protocols for the destination countries.