About Us FICCI-Summary of LEADS 2022 Preview Session

Greetings from FICCI! 

This is further to the LEADS 2022 preview session organised on 28th April 2022.

We are indeed very grateful to have had an enthusiastic participation and excellent suggestions towards FICCI’s thought leadership initiative, LEADS 2022, during the preview session. We look forward to your continued suggestions for enriching LEADS 2022. We shall revert with updates on the programme and issues that were highlighted for common consideration. We request you to encourage your members to register and avail the early bird discount and group discounts on registrations till June 30th. We are glad to share that the LEADS 2022 Preview was joined by over 50 partners from 47 countries across 11 regions.

You may also like to disseminate the promotional kit to the industry members in Ghana through your local networks, which is may please be downloaded from the below link:
Promotional Kit-Indian Missions

We would like to seek your support through the following:

· Business Delegation led by Federal Rank Minister visiting from the Country. The Minister would be requested to speak in the Session on ‘Future of Policy Making’ during LEADS 2022.

· Exploring the possibility of the presence of the Head of State of the country and delivering a Special Address during the Inaugural Session

· We are sharing below the link for registration for industry members from Ghana who wish to participate in LEADS 2022. You may please like to share the same with them.

· Digital campaign that will enable quality participation from all countries. It would be wonderful if you can place the ‘Save the Date’ web banner (enclosed in the promotional kit link) on the mission’s website and support us on social media channels by following and endorsing our posts. We shall be tagging you on the relevant session posts. 

As a reciprocal gesture, we shall be happy to offer the deliverables mentioned on Slide 11 in the PowerPoint Presentation enclosed in the promotional kit link. 

We would also like to assure of our best possible support towards any additional program that you would like to organize after LEADS 2022 on 22nd/23rd September 2022 at New Delhi.

We shall surely be sending regular updates regarding LEADS 2022 for your kind perusal while we look forward to working together to make LEADS 2022 a collective success! 

Attachments in the Promotional Kit Link:

PowerPoint Presentation given during the Preview Session

Concept Note of LEADS 2022

Program (List of the Session Themes)- LEADS 2022