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Country – Fact Sheet


Official Name

Republic of Togo




56,785 sq. kms


CFA Franc (Community Financial African Franc)
US$ 1 = CFA 593;  INR 1 = 9.41 CFA(January 2018)


USD 4.8 billion(2017 – WTO)

GDP Growth Rate

4.9 % (April 2018, IMF)

Composition of GDP

Agriculture 41%; Industry 17% ; Services 42%

GDP Per Capita

USD 587 (Nominal) (2017 - WTO)

Debt to GDP

80.8% (2016) (IMF) (External Debt : 19.7%)


0.4% (April 2018, IMF)


6.9% (2014)

Forest Cover

5.28% (2010)

CO2 emissions

0.36 mtpc (2016)

Tourist Arrivals

327,000 (2013)


7.80 million (Male – 3.89 mn.; Female – 3.91 mn  (2017-UN)

Life expectancy

60 years (2016)


French; Major local dialects – Ewe, Mina, Kabiye and Dagomba

Ethnic groups

African (37 tribes; largest and most important are Ewe, Mina, and Kabre) 99%, European and Syrian-Lebanese less than 1%


Christianity (29%), Islam (20%), Animists (51%).

Internet Penetration

800,000 (apprx users); 11.3%

Mobile phones

74.9% (2016)


40% (rate of change 3.83%) (2010-15)


USD 1.14  billion (2017-WTO)


USD 2.53 billion (2017-WTO)

Main Trade Partners

China, India, Belgium, France, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, the Netherlands, Japan, Niger [29% of all imports from China]

FDI inflows

USD 255 m (2016)

Net ODA received

USD 199.6 m (2016)


Political Structure

Unitary Republic

Major Political Parties

National Alliance for Change or ANC [Jean-Pierre FABRE] Pan-African Patriotic Convergence or CPP [Edem KODJO] Rainbow Alliance (a colalition including: Save Togo Collective or CST (a coalition including: ANC and PSR) Union for the Republic or UNIR [Faure GNASSINGBE] Union of Forces for Change or UFC [Gilchrist OLYMPIO]

Head of State

President: Mr. Faure Gnassingbe (Third term from May 2015)

Head of Government

Prime Minister: Mr. Komi Selom Klassou


India’s Exports

USD 688.42 mn (2014-15); USD 532.19 (2015-16) mn
USD 315.70 mn (2016-17);USD382.72 (April 2017-2018)
Source : http://commerce.gov.in/EIDB.aspx

India’s Imports

USD 195.65 mn (2014-15); USD 225.09 (2015-16) mn
USD 138.42 mn (2016-17);USD153.52 (April 2017-2018)
Source : http://commerce.gov.in/EIDB.aspx

Indian Exports

Petroleum oils; woven fabrics; ethyl alcohol; pharmaceuticals; flat rolled iron/steel; cold-rolled iron; rice, sugar confectionaries; bakery products;
mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; cereals and preparation of cereals cotton; articles of apparel and clothing; iron and steel articles; man-made filaments; man-made staple fibers; rubber and articles thereof; vehicles and parts and accessories thereof, etc.

Indian Imports

Coconuts, natural calcium phosphates, wood and articles of wood; ferrous, cotton, copper waste, aluminium waste; other metal scrap; oil seeds, brazil nut etc.

Indian Investments in Togo

No data is available.  However, West African Cement (WACEM-produces limestone, manufactures and markets cement); Boncomm (clothing manufacturer) & Ramco (retail chain) are listed as Indian investments)

Togolese Investments in India


Indian Community

There are around 400+ Indians living in Togo; only 5 of them hold foreign nationalities. Majority of them are businessmen, engaged in trading, assembling, running super markets, hotels, etc.


October 2018