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Release of tender: Request for quotation for Appointment of Marketing Agent for International business - For Country - TOGO

Posted on: June 18, 2020 | Back | Print

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a premier Aeronautical Complex in Asia having expertise encompasses design, development, manufacture, production, repair, overhaul and upgrade of Aircraft, Helicopters, Aero-engines, Accessories, Avionics and Systems, is keen to expand its business in the country TOGO. In this regard, HAL has released a tender in two bid system viz. Technical Bid and Price Bid to invite prospective Marketing Agents to participate in the tender process for selection of Marketing Agent(s) in TOGO.

The Tender has been hosted in HAL website http://hal-india.co.in/ (Tender No. HAL/CD/750/RFQ-AM181/2020 dt. 16th June, 2020).
Please click the following link to download the tender document:


Also, a soft copy of the tender document is attached.

The tender invitation may please be brought to the notice of prospective Marketing Agents in TOGO for active participation in the tender. 

Last date of submission of bid is by 1600 Hrs IST of 17th July 2020.

HAL assures the Mission of its highest consideration.

With regards,

Deputy General Manager (IMM) – Contracts

HAL Corporate Office

Contact: +91-80-22320976