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Offer of scholarship to pursue online degree / diploma programmes from India Universities under E-Vidya Bharati and E-Aarogyabharati project: July 2023 Academic Session.

The Government of India offers scholarships to students from partner African countries through the e-VidyaBharati and e-AarogyaBharati (e-VBAB) Network Project to pursue ONLINE Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma and Certificate programmes from various reputed Indian Universities/Institutes in various disciplines including computer application, business administration and commerce, healthcare, tourism, humanities and arts etc.

The applications from interested students for the July 2023 academic session are invited online through iLearn Portal https://ilearn.gov.in ext-link-icon . The last date of online application is on 24 June 2023.

The following 10 Indian Government Universities will be participating in the e-VBAB project for the July 2023 session:

     1) Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh 

     2) IGNOU 

     3) Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi 

     4) Mizoram University, Mizoram 

     5) Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu

     6) Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh

     7) Anna University, Tamil Nadu

     8) Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology, Haryana

     9) Kururkshtra University, Haryana

    10) Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala


  • Please note that the medium of instruction of the programmes is English.

  • Students are advised to visit university/institute website and do thorough research of course offered and eligibility criteria before applying for admission. Students should ensure that they are eligible for the course and should submit relevant documentation as required by the University.

  • Passport is a mandatory ID proof to apply for scholarships.

For latest updates on the scholarships, please follow social media handles as below:

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Portal            https://ilearn.gov.in/ ext-link-icon

Facebook      https://facebook.com/iLearnIndiaAfr ext-link-icon

Twitter          https://twitter.com/iLearnIndiaAfr ext-link-icon

Instagram     https://instagram.com/iLearnIndiaAfr ext-link-icon

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Click here to apply for scholarship ext-link-icon: https://ilearn.gov.in/ ext-link-icon

For more information, please email us at info.accra@mea.gov.in or dpa.accra@mea.gov.in 

Public Notice

Enrolment for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma and Certificate Programmes for learners in Africa commencing from 15 June 2023 under e-VidyaBharati and e-ArogyaBharati (e-VBAB) Project 

Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs Dr S. Jaishankar formally launched the e-VidyaBharati (Tele-education) and e-ArogyaBharati (Tele-medicine) Network Project on 7 October 2019. The Project is completely funded by the Government of India for its entire duration and is open for participation to all partner countries in Africa. 

The Tele-education portal under the project is accessible at https://ilearn.gov.in. The portal offers a variety of career focused online programmes and certificates that empower learners to develop technical and managerial skills, embark on a new career, or prepare for advanced study. 

The Tele-education project aims to offer 15,000 scholarships to the Students of Africa by Government of India to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from premier Indian universities. As on date, over 14,000 scholarships have been awarded to the students who enrolled in various disciplines including computer application, business administration and commerce, healthcare, tourism, humanities and arts etc. 

The e-VBAB team is happy to announce the commencement of enrolment from 15 June 2023 for the new academic session July 2023.