About Us High Commission Officers

S. No. Name Designation E-mail
Office of High Commissioner
1. Mr. Ashish Kumar

Attache (Outreach & Cord.) & Office of High Commissioner

Defence Wing
* Col. Sachin Dubey, SMResidence in HCI Abuja Defence Adviser da.abuja@mea.gov.in
Political & Cooperation and Commercial Wing
2. Mr. S.C. Ngaihte First Secretary (Political, Commercial & Cooperation) com.accra@mea.gov.in
3. Mrs. Leena Prabhakar Second Secretary (Commercial) com.accra@mea.gov.in
4. Mrs. Anupama Deolal Attache (Political & Development Partnership) pol.accra@mea.gov.in
Administration & Community Welfare Wing
5. Mr. Sanjay Asthana Second Secretary (HOC) hoc.accra@mea.gov.in
6. Mr. Tushar Kant Uniyal Attache (Admn, Protocol & Community Welfare) hoc.accra@mea.gov.in, admn.accra@mea.gov.in
7. Mr. Vinay Kumar Yadav Attache (Property, Accounts & DDO) hoc.accra@mea.gov.in
8. Mr. Narender Singh ASO (Resource Centre) hoc.accra@mea.gov.in
Consular Wing
9. Mrs. Aruna Tirkey Second Secretary (Consular) cons.accra@mea.gov.in
10. Mr. Bhut Nath Haldar Attache (Consular) cons.accra@mea.gov.in