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Windergy India 2022. 4th International Trade Fair and Conference. 6th, 27th – 29th April 2022. Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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About IWTMA's Repository 

IWTMA's new Data Repository is a one-stop collection of data related to the wind power sector in India. It endeavours to provide data related to wind industry in India with the aim to benefit various stakeholders. Its target audience are investors, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), corporate and government institutions dealing with wind power generation, associations and industry leaders, international organisations, banks and financial Institutions, consultants, Clean-Tech specialists, lawyers, surveyors, and host of other parties.

The Data Repository covers, among others things, notifications, guidelines, regulations, schemes of Central Government and wind rich states of India, policies of Center and States, potentials of the wind rich States at various Hub Heights of the turbines, entities catering to wind and renewable sector such as Energy Exchanges etc. It will also provide info related to topics important to the development of wind energy, skill development in wind energy, Nodal Agencies and their development programs, original/base documents, amendments, etc. 

About the Briefing Paper & Panel Discussion

Vasudha's new Briefing Paper focuses on vitalising the repowering of wind power projects in India. Wind energy, one of the country's oldest and most developed renewable energy technologies, is expected to contribute 140 GW to India’s ambitious target of 500 GW of non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030. However, the pace of wind capacity addition in India has plateaued. In the last three fiscal years, India has installed an average of 1.7 GW Wind Power Projects (WPPs).  Availability of land and acquisition issues surfaced as the biggest reason for this slow progress. In that context, this paper proposes strategies to increase wind capacity through repowering.

The subsequent panel discussion will explore the importance of a reliable database for decision-making and evidence building around wind power in India. Moreover, the discussants will explore ways to expedite the retirement of Government-owned old wind power projects and delve deeper into the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders. 

We look forward to your participation in the event. In case of any queries, email us at: info@vasudhaindia.org. Please fill out the form below to register for the event.

Kind regards,
Srinivas Krishnaswamy 

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D V Giri, Secretary General, Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA)

Dinesh Dayanand Jagdale, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India

V Subramanian, Former Secretary, MNRE, Government of India

Rajnath Ram, Adviser (Power & Energy), NITI Aayog

Deepak Gupta, Vice President, Renew Power

Srinivas Krishnaswamy, CEO, Vasudha Foundation (Moderator)

Jaideep Saraswat, Senior Manager, Vasudha Foundation 

Schedule  Schedule-Apr-6-Webinar-1.pdf (vasudha-foundation.org)

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